I’m driven by creative and purposeful design.

I’ve always been fascinated with art and creativity, and through my professional career have explored this fascination through graphic design. A design all-rounder, I’m at my most effective when contributing new ideas and concepts to an idea. Across both print and digital, my breadth of expertise in the Adobe Creative Suite ranges from brand identity development and layout of static collateral through to responsive web design, video and animation.

A strong communicator and a big-picture thinker, I derive great satisfaction from creative work that achieves clear goals and results. I have complementary skills in training and project management, and enjoy the constant learning that comes from keeping up to date on current design trends and platforms.

I love what I do.

Design & Digital Content Coordinator
Aug ’18 – current

Civilex Group

Civilex Group is a fast-growing group of companies comprised of four entities – Civilex (civil construction), Conset (concreting and structures), Grampians Excavations (bulk earthworks) and Incore (property development). Part of a small 3-person marketing and communications team, my role incorporates the production of all print and digital collateral, with a strong focus on the brand management of the four separate entities of the group as well as the development of an upcoming group brand.

Digital Design Officer
Oct ’16 – Dec ’17

The World Mosquito Program
(Monash University)

A not-for-profit research collaboration based at Monash University with project sites in affected countries around the world, the Eliminate Dengue Project breeds mosquitoes which are incapable of transmitting viruses like dengue and Zika to replace the local populations. Part of the broader communications team, the role provides design support across all facets of the organisation, focusing on effective community engagement and development of a new global identity.


  • Develop a range of print, digital and social creative concepts for internal, community, philanthropic and scientific audiences as needed, with a focus on storytelling and community education.
  • Manage the organisation’s website, monitoring content produced using a decentralised publishing model and troubleshooting CMS and server issues.
  • Manage and report on web and social platforms across international project sites.
  • Consult with all teams and senior stakeholders on brand, scientific accuracy and design of collateral.
  • Work to tight deadlines on ad-hoc requirements of the organisation and third party funders (clients).
  • Present intricate, complex data and concepts through infographics and technical graphs within communications and stakeholder presentations.
  • Create digital and print content for translation and customisation by international project sites.
  • Provide training to international project teams.


  • Developed new web and social strategies to align with rapid international growth of the organisation.
  • Successfully developed and implemented a new global brand for the organisation in consultation with an external design agency.

Vic & SA Content Manager / Graphic Designer
May ’15 – Oct ’16

Grant Broadcasters

(SA Content Manager / Graphic Designer: June ’14 – May ’15, SA Content Creator: Nov ’13 – June ’14)

Grant Broadcasters is Australia’s largest regional radio broadcasting network. The primary functions of the role were to oversee the content, design and maintenance of over 20 content-heavy websites across Victoria and South Australia, as well as provide additional graphic design support.


  • Manage and provide development support (HTML / CSS) to multiple responsive websites on various CMS.
  • Manage the production of advertisements, signage and other visual components of various campaigns in collaboration with promotional departments.
  • Brainstorm and mockup creative concepts for a range of campaigns and clients.
  • Consistently implement the style of 15 separate radio stations’ identities in print and digital designs.
  • Liaise with sales and programming teams to develop and implement campaigns for third party clients and identify additional revenue opportunities.
  • Lead and provide ongoing training to a remote digital and graphic design team across Victoria and SA.
  • Travel inter- and intrastate to train larger content and sales teams in effective digital strategy and purpose.


  • Developed a custom web and social reporting system which was implemented organisation-wide.
  • Grew Victoria and South Australia’s total social media reach by almost 900% over two years.
  • Successfully rebranded three of the organisation’s largest radio stations and their digital presence.

Graphic Designer
May ’05 – Nov ’13

(freelance business)

A freelance business run while teaching at the University of South Australia, predominantly specialising in identity and web design.


  • Develop graphic- and web-design solutions for a broad range of clients.
  • Utilise video and photographic production skills to capture and edit media for use in brand and campaign projects.
  • Plan and design responsive web projects, incorporating user research and prototyping.
  • Utilise WordPress, Magento, Joomla and various other content management platforms to meet clients’ needs.
  • Work within time-frames and budgets to achieve successful design briefs.
  • Track and account for time, resources and money spent on projects.
  • Manage independent workflow and outsource when necessary to achieve the best possible result.

Project Manager / Graphic Designer
Jan ’06 – June ’14

GTNBZY (‘getting busy’)
(hobby business)

Formed with a fellow student whilst studying at university, GTNBZY (‘Getting Busy’) began as an art-based clothing brand and grew into an artistic collective with more than 30 members, hosting themed hybrid art/music exhibitions which showcased the emerging musical and visual artists that made up the collective.


  • Manage the planning, design and execution of a broad range of events and their corresponding marketing campaigns.
  • Actively promote a calendar of events through print, web, social media and radio channels.
  • Liaise with third party suppliers to co-ordinate and implement campaign and event requirements.
  • Nurture and assist emerging artists in developing their skills and reaching a larger audience.
  • Provide design support for collaborating artists’ individual projects.


  • Successfully funded the release of a CD / art-book compilation of GTNBZY work and accompanying performance through crowdfunding website Pozible.com, winning additional funding for top social media reach as part of the ‘Pozible Gigs’ promotion.
  • Grew the contributing members of the collective from two to over 30 members in the space of three years.
  • Consistently hosted successful artistic events, each time building on the success of the last and learning from shortcomings to minimise issues.


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